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The Audi A6 allroad is a tougher version of the A6 Avant, with rugged bodywork and raised suspension giving it extra ground clearance.

If you need to tackle the occasional field, but don’t like traditional 4x4s, this could be the ideal alternative. Especially if it’s the 3.0-litre BiTDI diesel we tested, with 316bhp getting it from 0-62mph in less than six seconds.

We take it to the roads of Wales to see how it gets on.

Can the A6 Allroad Quattro really tackle models like the Volvo XC70? Watch our video review above to find out, or skip to bits of key information using the links below:

Engine Options and Running Costs (MPG): 3:19
A summary of the interior: 1:11
Passenger leg room: 2:05
Boot size: 2:13

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  1. @madant7777

    This one, in white, with black-ash wood trim and 3.0 V6 TDI engine. Even my girlfriend wants one 🙂

  2. @tomnoppe4919

    Since 2012 the most lovely car by far, this is the only car i dream of and still the only car that makes me turn arround when crossing one one the roads 🙂 indeed the only "-" is thhe pricetag… i guess i'll be dreaming for a little longer 😉 nice video

  3. @hovermotion

    Wow..a nice estate. ….but to many gadgets to fail….

  4. @LegionShade

    This truly is a magnificent car 🙂

  5. @UnitedShredNation

    I like the original A/S 6 Avant estate than the "allroad" . The allroad is too big for a wagon in my opinion.

  6. @UzMadBro

    A slight whiff of toff with this vehicle. But it as he says is a unique vehicle.By the way the Volvo XC70 is cheaper for a reason. Also the Audi is better looking, but I would bet on the Volvo having better offroad ability and is likely to be more rugged with slightly less whiff of toff, which unfortunately the Audi has I am afraid to say.Nice motor, but too toffy for my money to go on. I also think allroad and xc Volvo models are a bit of a fad aimed at a specific type of peoples. Surrey springs to mind as a place these vehicles are common, but not needed. Aka xc and allroad means a fashionable faddy item that may be just above your neighbors budget. So white middle-class anal type people are your likely purchases of these type of motor vehicles, because they are missing something in their lives. 😁. Completely true though, aint it, lol.

  7. @marielhogg1240

    My Bi TDI is awesome and is averaging 39 mpg real world over 11k miles, not bad considering its superb performance. I actually had it showing 50mpg on a long trip.

  8. @electrum1816

    I am now on my second allroad — and they just get better and better. I plan to change out next month — and yes it will be an all new allroad. There's nothing to beat it in my opinion!

  9. @ukgroucho

    My BiTdi allroad is just approaching 3 years old and I'm not doing quite as well on MPG as Alexander Hogg — my running average is around 37MPG — but I do quite a few 'short' trips. On a long run — taking it easy as I was low on fuel and wanted to fill up at my local BP station — I've seen over 50 MPG

    It is a brilliant car — great performance , comfort, economy. My last car (a 2005 A6 3.0 Tdi quattro SE) averaged 31 — 32 MPG and had nowhere near the performance of the allroad.

    Had an air suspension pump fail at about 14 months old (sorted under warranty of course) and I wonder if that was a bad batch of pumps as I met another person with a similar age car (but the 245BHP one) who had experienced the same thing.

    Oh and @madant1977 Mine is glacier white (kinda metallic and looks lovely when clean) but I could not swallow the piano black trim as it is apparently horrible for scratches.

  10. @maticsorn2784

    the best car in the world


    Nice mate 🙂 Loved that. I'll do some with you guys any time 🙂

  12. @loverichardson9954

    What is the decor trim in this car called? Also car colour?

  13. @abdulkabore3183

    Beautiful car

  14. @BlackBirdieGolf

    I wish the US had this car.

  15. @nakre15

    Stop add v8 petrol sound.. you can not get a v8 petrol in the 3 gen allroad

  16. @MyBeautyParadise

    My dad got one of these bad boys

  17. @henkka3931

    Was a great car unfortuanetly we drove into a moose and it went straight to the junkyard

  18. @benroache90

    Wtf is with the music? 😂

  19. @dimitar27

    I got the same car just white..
    Best I ever drive 😉

  20. @gorethegreat

    Best car I’ve ever owned

  21. @andreyivanov8591

    A8 4.2d better?

  22. @Alex-pr8qk

    I am the only one that was expecting the car to have more space in the back?

  23. @eduardleahu9052

    Who is watching this in 2024 and thinks this is a valid car still?