Google Marketing Livestream Keynote отзыв о компании

Google leaders share new innovations and discuss the latest insights with industry experts.

0:00 — Intro Video
1:31 — Welcome to Google Marketing Livestream 2021 — Philipp Schindler
7:01 — Building for the Future of Marketing — Jerry Dischler, Vidhya Srinivasan, Darshan Kantak
31:17 — What’s in Store for the Future of Commerce — Bill Ready, Stephanie Shum, Jenn Liu, Matt Madrigal, Harley Finkelstein, Greg Revelle
52:16 — Be Ready for What’s Next — Disrupting An Industry — Selin Song, Alicia Keys, Kory Marchisotto
1:05:43 — Be Ready for What’s Next — Showing Up Authentically — Angela Courtin, Emmanuel Acho
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