How to get Rinoa's Ultimate Weapon in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered — Shooting Star Guide!


Final Fantasy VIII Remastered PLATINUM Walkthrough with Simon


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The Shooting Star, AKA Rinoa’s Ultimate Weapon in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered can be a bit of a nuisance to craft depending on when you decide to do it. Personally, I have waited until disk 3, but it is very possible to get everything required during disk one. I explain both methods in this video guide.

Regardless, the ingredients needed are:
2x Energy Crystal
1x Regen Ring
1x Force Armlet
2x Windmill


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Enjoy the video and please share your comments below.


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  1. @thehammer810able

    Where is ruby dragons? Will they drop if I’m level 20?

  2. @FaithMuzic

    Hey Fuzz loving the content and live streams. Quick question.. I have Ifrit ,Shiva , Carbuncle, Diablos Qeezecolt Siren and The Brothers as Current GF. In your early Play through who do you have Assigned to who? Trying to get a consistent basis for Junction

  3. @HohensteinW

    Swell content as always, thankyou. Think I might start up a game of viii soon.

  4. @rinoalionheart7202

    During battle, hold down L1 to change the battle menu to show you the enemy names, character names and statuses.

  5. @RedMarioXIIINanaki36

    If You Didn't Get A Force Armlet From X-ATM092, There's Actually 2 Other Ways You STILL CAN Get One On Disc 1. Either Off A Level 30+ Ochu In Timber Roshfall Forest Near Timber, Provided You Have Him Drop One Or As A Drop From A Level 30+ Forbidden In Tomb Of The Unknown King. You Can Get It The Same Way I Mentioned Getting Laser Cannon Drops Off Level 30+ Belhelmels.

  6. @louisdellalucca8969

    I wish more games had the weapon mechanics this game has. I just like having the same basic weapon through the game. Just remodeling it

  7. @jamesrhody7071

    Is there a way to restart the card quest

  8. @FadedKai

    I only need Quistis and Irvin weapons got the rest disc one

  9. @ysbecca6624

    I've never gotten the weapons to work properly. Have to use GFs all the time because of it and it takes tiiiime. What am I doing wrong?

  10. @ivosantos4877

    Found loads energy crystals.go to get eden and fight bahmount gives you then everytime..

  11. @drkhan462

    Good job. I love how you have the weapons by videos instead all at once with no time stamps like other videos.

  12. @shadowslayer1985

    Force Armlet probably the most annoying thing since i did not kill that mechanical spider, even dragon fangs were easy to get and energy crystals with the elnoyle cards another pest is the moon stone basically Irvine is the only one not able to get his final weapon on disc 1

  13. @jimik89

    Silly question, but how do i get the LVL Up ability? I cant see it anywhere

  14. @jerrygamez5723

    Thanks so much for the video